Chap Chap Manifesto

Dr. Mutua has announced his 2022 Presidency bid along with the Chap Chap manifesto in Machakos town. It was called “Mutua Tano Tena Manifesto”.

“I have traversed all corners of this country and everywhere. Kenyans want rapid development, and because it is possible to transform this country to the first world, I have after being convinced by elders and wananchi from all over the country decided to run for the seat of the presidency come 2022.”

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Mutua, who has been touted as the best governor in regards to development and delivery of services to the public, parted ways with Wiper in 2014  citing ideological differences.

He went on to build his own political party which has since been ranked the 3rd largest party in the country in terms of candidates seeking different seats across the country.

In the Chap Chap Manifesto, Mutua plans to accelerate the setting up of Machakos International Airport. Along with it would come a special import and export zone which will provide 38,500 jobs by connecting the county to the world.

He said that over 20 investors will be breaking ground in the dream Machakos City in the next two weeks in a bid to propel the county from the third to the first world.

He also plans to roll out a higher education scholarship fund which targets every form four leaver regardless of the grade and is admitted for any qualification.

“My government will pay the students fees 100 per cent until completion starting August 15, 2017.”

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Other highlights of the Chap Chap Manifesto include the provision of water taps in every household and the creation of 250,000 jobs by 2020 pegged on the new Machakos City which will see 300 factories, skyscrapers, real estates, five hospitals among others.

To the effect, Machakos County has since signed MoU’S worth Sh2.8trillion with international investors.

The Bank of Machakos has also been proposed for the people to have access to finance without heavy demands of collateral as a way of boosting the economy for the county.