Check Out Video Of Youngest Parents In The World

The video below shows some of the world’s youngest parents. Some intentionally got pregnant while others resulted from unplanned conception. In whatever way it happened, these parents got their start early.

Sadly, some of the youngest parents in the world are made up of mothers who had babies as young as five years old, something that can be called ‘children having children’. Pretty disturbing on a number of levels.

First of all, it is basically strange for a five-year old to have a period or be ovulating. Weird as it may be, but it is very possible and it is called precocious puberty. This type of puberty activates hormonal glands much earlier than normal.

Secondly, no reasonable person is expected to have sexual relations with a child that young. Yet people do it all the time.

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The most overwhelming part of it is that these youngsters can even give birth naturally, and some in a bid to save the mother’s life will have a cesarean section performed on her. This is in fact worrying in all ramifications.

We need to stop this from happening further. And we can only achieve it through educating young people on pregnancy prevention and encouraging careers.

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The video will likely serve you different emotions from anger, disgusts, to probably even a strange acceptance of the situations.

Unless you are in the bandwagon of people who prescribe child pregnancy, the video somehow drained your emotions. Didn’t it?

Especially for living in the age where waiting to have children is encouraged so that you can be as financially stable as possible in order to support a new life.

The practice was condoned in some centuries past, since it was normal to see marriages of young people those days. It was also common to see them get involved in childbearing like normal married people.

But society has evolved and so have some beliefs. Many now frown at this practice that some child marriage rescuers spread across Africa and even in Kenya take all the risk to save children forced into early marriage.

The rescue mission is for children to be allowed to become full-blown adult before marriage. The times we live in now, encourage people to wait as long as possible to have children. However the rescue mission still suffer some obstacles till date. This is because there are still people today who are not only accepting of teenage pregnancy, but will often encourage their children to get pregnant at a very young age.

This typically happens with parents who had their children at young ages. It is also a prevalent mindset in religious families where they believe it is their duty to multiply the earth for religious reasons.

All other things being equal, encouraging or discouraging mere children to have kids or not is the prerogative of the adults. And we think it is our responsibility to stop this kind of trend. Religion or not, this is simple common sense.

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