A Nigerian teenager, Amina Ali Nkeki, kidnapped more than two years ago in Chibok, Nigeria, by Boko Haram, the Islamist group of Nigerian origin, has been rescued.

She was found on Tuesday at the edge of the Sambisa Forest area of north-east Nigeria after having been abducted from a school in Chibok by the Islamist militant group Boko Haram.

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But Amina was not found alone, she was found along with a man who the military has “claimed to be her husband”.

In a statement, the army says that Ms Nkeki was rescued along with a man called Mohammed Hayatu “who claimed to be her husband”, and calls him “a suspected Boko Haram terrorist”.

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Also, while being held by Boko Haram, she gave birth to a baby girl, who can be seen with her in a photograph that the Nigerian military has released. The child is four months old, #BringBackOurGirls activist Hadiza Bala Usman reported.

All three of them were examined at a hospital in Nigeria and the military arrested the supposed Boko Haram member. She met President Buhari (r) just a day after being freed. The president who said no girl deserves to be forced into marriage promised to send her back to school.

She is the first to return of the 219 school girls seized in an attack on their school in Chibok town, officials said on Wednesday. Chibok community leader Hosea Abana Tsambido said the girl is 19 years old and from Mbalala, which is about 10km (6 miles) from Chibok.

The vice principal of her school, Chibok secondary school Blamadu Lawan, where Amina was boarding before she was taken, described her as a “quiet and humble” student at school.

He met her after the rescue in Chibok when she was driven to the town on Wednesday and said that her appearance had changed and she now looks very thin and unhealthy.

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Mbalala, the girl’s town of origin, is reportedly mostly a Christian town of approximately 30,000 people, but Amina is a Muslim. The rescued girl is reported to have been raised in a small mud house with her widowed mother. Her mother had 13 children, but Ms Nkeki and her older brother were the only two to survive.

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The head of a vigilante group that found Ms Nkeki, revealed the emotional reunion with her mother.

“When we arrived at the house, the door was closed, I asked the mother to come and identify someone, the moment she saw her, she shouted her name Amina, Amina!

 Amina Ali Nkeki  then gave her the biggest hug ever, as if they were going to roll on the ground, we had to stabilise them. The girl started comforting the mother, saying: ‘Please mum, take it easy, relax, I never thought I would ever see you again, wipe your tears. God has made it possible for us to see each other again

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More amazingly, a second schoolgirl from the more than 200 seized in the Nigerian town of Chibok has been found, the army says today.
But a spokesman for the Chibok girls’ parents has cast doubt on the claims, saying that the girl’s name is not on the families’ list of those missing.

Islamist militant group Boko Haram has abducted thousands of other girls in recent years, rights groups estimate. An army spokesman said Serah Luka was among a group of 97 women and children rescued by troops in the north-east with one who is suspected to be a second Chibok girl.

Rescued Chibok girl

In all, 218 girls remain missing after their abduction by the Boko Haram Islamist group from a secondary school in north-eastern Nigeria in 2014.