Chicken Gate Scandal

Former IEBC Chief Executive Officer, James Oswago, has been arrested and charged for involvement in the chicken gate scandal.

Oswago was charged on Wednesday alongside a former commission official, Hamida Ali Kibwana and Trevy Oyombra, a local agent for British firm Smith & Ouzman.

The suspects were arrested earlier that day by EACC detectives at their homes in Nairobi. They faced charges related to procurement of election materials for Bunyula and Bomachoge constituencies.

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The trio appeared before Magistrate Lawrence Mogambi at Milimani Law Courts in Nairobi to answer for the Ksh 50 million that was paid as bribe by Smith & Ouzman, to former members of the defunct Interim Independent Electoral Commission (IIEC) and the Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) to award it a printing tender.

Oswago denied all charges against him and made a passionate appeal for release on a free bond because he faced a similar case elsewhere.

Magistrate Mugambi released Oswago on a KSh 600,000 cash bail saying it could not be free due to the seriousness of the charges he faced.

Oyombra and Ali also denied the charges they faced and were released on KSh 1 million and KSh 600,000 cash bail respectively.

The chicken gate scandal first came to light in 2012  thanks to a four-year investigation by UK’s Serious Fraud Unit that exposed it.

The fraud unit found that executives from Smith & Ouzman allegedly paid bribes to Kenyan electoral and examination officials through their agent, Trevy Oyombra to receive lucrative printing tenders.

The British government sent a report to the Attorney-General naming all involved in the scandal after a London court found the Smith & Ouzman executives guilty.

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The EACC confirmed it found evidence of criminal culpability before recommending the prosecution of Oswago and the others in 2016.

The EACC, however, cleared former IEBC chairperson, Ahmed Issack Hassan, of any wrongdoing in the chicken gate scandal.