Chief Justice Willy Mutunga Publishes His Earnings And Assets

Chief Justice Willy Mutunga has, as a way of demonstrating the action that upholds “the values of transparency and accountability” published photographs of his wealth declaration on Twitter.

Based on the documents he published, which show his income and assets from 2012 to late 2015, he pocketed home a gross salary of 71 million shillings and paid 21 million shillings as tax, leaving him with a disposable pay of 50 million shillings.

In his Standard Chartered Bank Kenya shillings account, he has a balance of Ksh 415,035 while his dollar account in the same bank has USD34,509 which is an equivalent of 3.4 million shillings.

The documents also show that he has two apartments worth 12.5 million shillings and 19.1 million shillings as his main assets. This means that he has 33m shillings ($326,000, £230,000) worth of property combined.

The CJ also has a piece of land in Kitui County worth 2.1 million shillings and two cars; a saloon car worth 750,000 shillings and another one worth 650,000 shillings which belongs to his wife.

The pictures also detail expense claims, including a $3,300 (£2,300) living allowance for a 13-day trip to the US in 2012. Justice Mutunga says he will soon be subject to a forensic audit.

Mutunga penned down a letter addressed to the Ethics and Anti Corruption Commission (EACC) in January demanding for a lifestyle audit to be conducted on all big Judiciary officials starting with Supreme Court Judges.

Chief Justice Willy Mutunga had assured that the Judiciary would fast track corruption cases.

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Meanwhile some Twitter users from Kenya think he should contest for president after President Uhuru for being transparent. Though some others questioned the authencity of the documents.

Among those who praised his transparency was one who asked him to be Kenyan’s project in 2022, stating that Kenyans would vote for him. One called him a shining example of transparency and accountability, adding that unfortunately we don’t have more of people like him in the country. Another said he wishes all civil servants would follow his footsteps.

However, just one user questioned if the document is authentic. According to the user “There is no rubber stamp on that bank balance inquiry”.

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Mutunga has opted to exit from the Judiciary in June, a year before he was expected to leave office.

Mutunga’s term was to end on the 22nd of June 2017, as he took office in June 2011. But the CJ has chosen to go for an early retirement, citing the need to take up the transformation process across East Africa.