precocious puberty

A Delhi-born one-year-old baby known only as Akash is diagnosed with a rare condition called precocious puberty which made him develop pubic hair and sexual urges before the normal age. 

The rare hormonal disorder also made him develop testosterone at a level similar to that of a 25-year-old. This means that he had adult-sized genitalia, facial and body hair and his voice has begun to break. He also showed the brain development of a 12-year-old teenager.

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Doctors said the rare condition, called “precocious puberty,” can make a child grow facial and body hair as well as sexual urges like adults. His mum, whose name is withheld, said Akash had started growing abnormally from about six-months-old.

precocious puberty
Akash and his father

Usually, precocious puberty can begin before age 8 in girls and before age 9 in boys .

She narrated that when he started the shocking growth, they had thought he was just a big baby but later everyone started to point out that the growth was not normal. She added:

“His male reproductive organs had grown to that of a man’s size and we knew something was wrong.”

The boy’s doctor Vaishakhi Rustagi said the disorder normally emanates from brain or stomach tumour, but none of those was detected  in his blood reports.

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Precocious Puberty

He said:

“The child was lucky in a way because tumours usually increase complications and leads to cancer.”

The paediatrician of Max Super Speciality Hospital revealed that they have recorded such case in the past and it occurs ‘once every 10 years’. The doctor said Precocious puberty is traumatic for a child of his age and it makes them violent.


What’s more worrying is that the child’s muscle strength grew to a level that his parents could no longer control him.

Doctors have said that if such children are not treated, they will become violent, the physical changes not being suitable for their age. The pediatrician also said the child might stop growing after a few years and remain about 3-4ft tall.

Akash was placed on hormone therapy following his parents visit a doctor when he was only 18 months old. At that time his voice had started to break.

Amazingly, his hormonal developments and genital size have decreased significantly after five months. He is now given a monthly dose which to undercut the effects of hormones.

Precocious Puberty

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The treatment will continue until he regains his mental health and is able to control the changes in his body, doctors say. This is not the first case the world has recorded of such disorder.

Precocious puberty in one-year-old infants is thought to affect one in 100,000 toddlers, and one in 10,000 aged between eight and 10. The condition usually causes infants to stop growing after a short time, and remain stunted at about 1 metre tall.

Girls can also develop the condition between the ages of eight to 10. In fact, the youngest mother on record, Lina Medina, gave birth at the age of five years and seven months in Peru in 1939, gaining international fame.

Her parents had thought her increasing abdomen was as a result of a tumor. However, when remedies didn’t cure it, her father took her to the hospital. One month later, she shocked the world by giving birth to a boy – and becoming the youngest mother in history aged just five years and seven months.