Fortune Teller

A Chinese fortune teller claims to be able to tell fortune of women after fondling their breasts.

All through history, desperate human beings have searched all around the world for a chance to catch a glimpse of what the future might hold for them.

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The need to know the unknown supersedes whatever is demanded by the fortune tellers who have come up with some weird ways of predicting the future over the centuries.

This Chinese man might just have hit the chest with a completely bizarre way of what some people might argue is taking advantage of desperate women.

A short video believed to have originated from China shows the man allegedly predicting a woman’s future by touching her breasts.

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The eight second long video was posted on the Chinese video sharing platform called Miaopai on September 8.

The video shows an elderly Chinese man sitting down holding a pair of crutches in one hand as he put his other hand inside the woman’s top. The woman can be seen staring at him with a puzzled face.

The pair were surrounded by a group of people including Xiao Yuwen, who uploaded the video online.

Xiao captioned the video writing ‘Fortune telling by touching the breast, this man is taking great advantage.’

The video has had about two million views in less than a week online. Commentators largely thought the elderly Chinese fortune teller was overstepping boundaries.

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The practice of fortune telling is rather very common in the Asian continent with more welcomed methods such as face and palm reading.

Watch the video below