Ciku Muiruri Reveals The Man Who Forced Her To Lock Lips With Him, Guess Who!

Call it a kiss theft on Ciku’s lips or whatever you might, but a man forced a kiss on Ciku Muiruri recently. As you know, any sexual act that is done without the other person’s consent is counted as rape. In fact, it is sexual harassment and has no justification. Not even to be linked to a way of getting the lady to be attracted to you. Yes, because no one owns the right to cross certain boundaries or make fun of a person’s intimate feelings. Of course there is supposed to be permission coming first before any attempt, but some man overlooked this “donts” and still went on to force a kiss on Ciku Muiruri. She got that disgusting feeling one would get when someone kisses you but you do not want to. Anyone who has been forced a kiss on would understand exactly how she felt.

We do remember how everyone is talking about the Drake-Madonna Kissing incident at the 2015 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival and we thought it all ended. Little did it occur to us that it will happen to our own Ciku.

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With Drake and Madonna kiss making all the buzz online, we are only shocked by the action of this man who forced Ciku to lock lips with him. The disgusted look on her face afterwards is priceless!

Former radio personality Ciku Muiruri claims that she experienced nearly the same thing over the weekend, only that her expression was worse than Drake’s. You know how disgusting it gets when you have seemingly older someone than you hold you up and make you lock lips with him. Not only will you get mad about it, it may even get you washing your tongue out childishly. Of course, the first reaction might be what the hell got into my lips? Whether a man forces a kiss on a woman or a woman takes the bull by the horn to force it on a man, once the other person does not want it in actuality, it is bound to be disgusting and annoying.  Either way, it is simply not funny in the slightest.

Check out her post;

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 12.44.05 PM

Her post reads:

“Internet ablaze with images of Madonna accosting poor Drake. Same thing happened to me this weekend. A group of us at a table, I look up to say hello to a guy whose just checked in and he proceeds to give me the most disgusting Madonna style smack right on my lips. It did not last as long as this but my expression was worse than Drake’s. I had to go rinse my mouth out. Gross. Gross. Gross. And he had the nerve to say: “When the opportunity presents itself….” Eric Njau of IQ Plus – Shame on you! Shenzi type! I hope your wife sees this post and kicks your fat ass to the curb. Oh, I feel ya, Drake.”

You could see for yourself, how  terrible she still feels about the whole thing even more than Drake. It is not just okay. Anyway, dear Ciku I feel your pain, its only a person who hasn”t travelled the same lane that wouldn’t.

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