Video: Yatta Locals Wonder Why Snake Tried To Bite Hon Wavinya Ndeti At Political Rally

This may sound a little strange but a cobra struck fear and anxiety in the heart of locals after it slithered out of nowhere during a political rally organised by Hon. Wavinya Ndeti in Machakos.

Leaders who attended the political rally, had to jump onto tables as others fled the site to safety. Residents were forced to muster up to kill the deadly snake, which was subsequently killed and set ablaze.

Before it was killed, some eye witnesses said the poisonous snake had tried to attack the audience, forcing the the politicians and some residents to scrabble for safety.

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Speaking, Hivisasa, Chama Cha Uzalendo party leader Wavinya Ndeti said Secretary General Saja Philipe, organising secretary Davies Musau and Machakos County Assembly deputy speaker Nganga wa Ngangani had just settled down in their seats when the cobra crawled out and attacked.

The politicians led by Ndeti had earlier in the day opened party offices at Ikombe ward just metres from where the incident happened.

The function, which was stopped briefly, was later resumed after the locals and politicians were sure the cobra had died.

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It is not very strange to see snakes roaming about in Machakos county. The region and greater Ukambani have recorded a series of  snake attacks as the region, which is semi-arid, has a large number of poisonous snakes including cobras and vipers which have maimed and killed residents.

Residents in the region are usually advised to visit the nearest health facilities in case of snake bites so as to be given snake anti-venom.

However, Yatta residents say they are rather shocked at why the snake had tried to attack Hon Wavinya Ndeti, and one else, at the political rally.

Video Source (KTN)