Confusion Erupts As Legio Maria’s Pope Gets Abducted By Two Women

The hierarchy of the Legio Maria church has been thrown into disarray by the abduction of the church’s pope. The abducted pope, who is the leader of the church, is said to have been taken hostage by three women.

It is said that the women, who pretended to be in need of prayers, convinced the sect’s leader to leave the headquarters of the church at Got Kweru, Suna West sub county.

The church’s head of administration, Samson Arogo, is leveling the accusations towards Dorothy Adhiambo and two other women as the people responsible for the Pope’s inaccessibility.

The abducted Pope has been barred from meeting with his cardinals and he believes the women are working with a rival group to spy on the church’s activities.

Abducted Pope

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According to Arogo, the onset of the troubles started when the said woman wanted to renovate the tomb of the church’s founding father, Messiah Melkio Samuel Ondeto.

Ondeto was buried at the hills of Got Kweru 20 years ago.

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Dorothy Adhiambo had proposed that his remains be exhumed and transferred to Kisumu, his ancestral home, for fresh burial. She claimed to have had a vision from Ondeto asking her to renovate his tomb and also build a house for the pope.

Abducted Pope

This idea divided the church as some members were uncomfortable with it. Arogo is now accusing Adhiambo of hatching a plot to split the church over the matter by abducting the pope.

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Two factions have emerged within the church with one supporting Adhiambo and the other claiming her plan was to murder the pope to ensure rival groups based in Kisumu and Siaya counties ascend to leadership.

Adhiambo has however vowed to honor Ondieto’s wishes using her resources as an investor in the hotel and hospitality industry to get it done.