Deputy President William Ruto Gives A Rundown Of CORD Leaders

The fight to kick out IEBC commission has taken another twist as Deputy President William Ruto said he has carefully examined the opposition party and has come up with a reliable conclusion that the coalition and her leaders are nothing but confused and disorganized.

Speaking during a pioneering ceremony for a technical training institute in Kakamega’s Lugari constituency, DP said he has never seen a party so disorganized with no particular direction like CORD.

Also, he noted that the coalition’s poor way of functioning systematically has proven that Jubilee will have an easy time in next year’s elections. According to him

“Since Jubilee lacks a serious and focused competitor, it will surely quash opposition in the next election.”

Deputy President William Ruto revealed the the potential gap which Jubilee stands to win against the Opposition, placing the margin at 70 per cent because of its present state of mess.

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Netting IEBC protest, DP said CORD’s recent demonstration at the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission offices and the whistle-blowing incident in Parliament shows that Opposition leaders are yet to be exposed to the reality of civilization and democracy.


Quoting Deputy President William Ruto:

“Comparing Jubilee with CORD is like comparing day and darkness. Jubilee has a presidential flag bearer for the 2017 elections but the Opposition is still battling with inter-party and tribal conflicts. When we build schools, railways and roads, they are busy rioting on the streets and blowing whistles. If they don’t style up, we will beat them with a margin of over 70 per cent. CORD has no manifesto as we speak and cannot offer a better alternative to Jubilee.

CORD co-principles including Raila, Wiper leader Kalonzo Musyoka and Bungoma Senator Moses Wetang’ula with their supporters marched to IEBC offices for the second time to give the commissioners a boot.

While still on the way, the opposition leaders urged their supporters to observe a moment of silence for Juma Jacob – a businessman who was gunned down in assassination style on Friday. Raila who presided over the event, again, laboured the point that police are the prime suspects  in the murder of his big supporter to a mammoth crowd of anti-IEBC protesters on Monday.

Afterwards, Raila accused the high-profile in the country, stating that they used the police to murder his friend, Juma, as the shootings were reportedly done by experts.

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He questioned the speed of response by the police after the incident. The protest to the IEBC offices, however, was frustrated as the protesters clashed with policemen, who fired teargas and water cannon at the stone-throwing agitators.

Some stakeholders in the country had warned the opposition leader to follow the path of constitution in addressing their demand to show IEBC commissioners the door. But opposition leader Raila Odinga has insisted that the protests will take place until the commissioners, led by chairman Issack Hassan, are sent home.

The Coalition has describe the Commission as corrupt and incapable of conducting a free and fair election with the present commissioners overseeing it. The Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission have long dismissed the accusations of bias and says its members will not quit unless Raila throws up a reliable proof for his claim.