President Uhuru Throws A Jab At Opposition Leader Raila Odinga

CORD leader Raila Odinga revealed that the International Criminal Court (ICC) declined to make use of recanted evidence.

Based on his statement, the court didn’t serve justice to those who were accused of having a hand in the 2007 post-election violence that claimed over 1,000 lives.

The Opposition leader spoke on the reason ICC failed to make a ruling against the accused people, saying it was because witnesses suffered assassinations and intimidation.

In an interview with France24 TV, he said:

“The court refused to use recanted evidence in the case against Deputy President William Ruto and journalist Joshua Sang despite being allowed by Article 68 of the Rome Statute. To the international justice, it spells doom because it basically means that anybody can be accused and if you can find a way of intimidating witnesses and killing them, you then go scot-free”.

He further said:

“There is Article 68 of the ICC Statute that allows ICC to use recanted evidence. The court refused to use recanted evidence in this case and then came up and said it was mistrial”.

Referencing the Ugandan case, Raila lashed out at the government for not establishing a local tribunal to try those who were accused of the political violence that was brought up by the disputed presidential election results.

DP Ruto headed the team that spoke against the formation of a local tribunal with his clarion call “Don’t be Vague, Let’s go to the Hague”.

According to Raila:

“We refused to set up a tribunal to try the cases forcing Koffi Annan to take the case to the ICC” .

In a clear attack, CORD leader Raila Odinga described President Uhuru Kenyatta and DP William Ruto’s planned rally at Afraha Stadium scorn to post-election victims.

Addressing the media, the opposition leader ridiculed the prayer meeting set to celebrate the collapse of ICC cases.

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He likened the prayer meeting to the dance experience he had in Paris, called “danse macabre,” meaning “the dance of death” in which people danced to the graves of the dead in their community in celebration of death, saying the planned meeting is comparable to the dance.

Explaining his position, Raila said he did celebrate with his friend DP Ruto but the collapse of the cases brings little to Kenya in terms of justice and an end to impunity.

According to him:

“While we all agree that our leaders got caught up in a mixture of botched investigations and subversion of the administration of justice, we must admit that the collapse of the I.C.C engagement with the Kenya situation denied this country the only chance it had to end the culture of impunity that has condemned us to an orgy of violence with every election. As we reflect on the cessation of our engagement with I.C.C regarding the post-election violence, we must moan the continued lack of justice for those who were killed, the helpless women who were raped and the multitude of persons who lost their homes and were displaced”.

He said that Kenyans don’t have any reason to celebrate as a nation. Rather, the country needed to look into the many critical decisions that the country is supposed to make.

“We have many people who we still need to condole and reparate and a national sense of justice that needs to be reconfirmed”.

Meanwhile, President Uhuru lashed back at CORD leader Raila Odinga for his long strongly worded statement about the ICC, saying he is undermining Jubilee’s initiative to seek financial support from the West.

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The President while responding to Raila’s ICC statement, said:

“Somebody leaves his country and when abroad says Kenyan leaders should have been jailed by ICC. He should do it here instead of spoiling our names abroad,” Uhuru said in reference to Raila’s interview with AFP in France”.

He went on to say that leadership is often bestowed upon willingly through God’s grace and not by falsely insulting people. He said failed in 2002 but didn’t go about spreading lies about the then leaders.

“The ICC declared that we have no case to answer. Who are you to start questioning that? This man (Raila) has been looking for leadership by all means but due to his greed he will never rule this country since after my term this young man (Ruto) will take over”.