Raila Odinga Changes Mind Over Protest Against IEBC

CORD has rescheduled the much-spoken about protest against IEBC to May 9 in honour of the late First Lady Lucy Kibaki. The party said the date was pushed further to enable the coalition and her supporters comply with the three-day national mourning to be made public when her body arrives on Sunday.

CORD leaders stated that they only deferred the occupation of the Independent Electoral Boundaries Commission headquarters that was fixed on Tuesday, 3rd May 2016, and it does not mean the protest against IEBC won’t hold. CORD urged the party’s supporters nationwide to come out en mass to bid Mama Lucy farewell while they wait for protest day to creep in.

The statement which was released by CORD reads:

Occupation of IEBC will however resume on Monday, 9th May 2016 nationwide. Thereafter, it will be held every Monday as had been announced earlier.

Some government stakeholders have warned the opposition party to desist from carrying out destructive protests including the president, Uhuru Kenyatta. They urged him to obey the constitution and throw the commissioners out legally.

The president stated that he will not support any attempt to remove the commissioners when the right measures that conform with the provision of the law are not followed. He urged CORD leaders to do things in accordance to the country’s constitution which he claims to be a respecter of.


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In response, CORD leader Raila revealed that he respects the law but will not allow IEBC commissioners to remain in office. He added that he can only accept defeat if the sitting IEBC commissioners are sent home and new ones brought in to conduct the election. Thrusting aside the protest against IEBC for a while, CORD leader Raila Odinga will be heading to Meru County tomorrow to hold talks on the issues that concern miraa farmers.

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ODM’s Meru Branch Chairman Robert Kathata revealed that Raila is expected to hold a meeting with the farmers and traders at Maua Polytechnic to discuss the ways to aid them in the wake of the crop’s ban from European markets.

He said the current administration or leading coalition appear to have neglected them and that’s why they are resorting to other alternative to seek for survival in the tough financial times facing locals in Nyambene, where farmers have grown miraa for years.

In conclusion, he invited people from the nine sub-counties to come join them in welcoming the CORD leader.