Couple Caught Performing Sex Act In Public Dares The Police To Stop Them

A woman in Buenos Aires, Argentina was recorded performing sex act on her boyfriend in broad daylight as she dared the police to stop them.

The randy couple who looked to be drunk were on a night out and returning from a nightclub in the early hours of Monday morning.

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They did not seem to be distracted by passerbys who stopped and stared at the outrageously amorous couple as they got about their business.

The lady stripped down to just her bra before falling to her knees on the grass. The man on the other hand looked to be enjoying every minute as he stood against a wall with his hands in the air and trousers to the floor.

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A police car soon arrived the scene prompting the lady to start an arguement with one of the armed officers who walked up to them. The man first put up his hands gesturing to the police officer not to stop them.

The woman could be seen to be very frustrated with the female police officer who asked her to stop.

”I’m not going to stop because I don’t want to. It’s my boyfriend and I do it where I want. If you want I’ll do it in front of you,” 

”You’re not going to take me away for this, you can’t detain me for this.” 

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The couple ended up being arrested for public decency and were taken away by the arresting officers. Their photos ended up on local newspapers with the video of the act going viral.

A screenshot of the video is below.

Performing Sex Act