A man identified as Kalinga Mgandi who is currently facing charges for sending an offensive audio message to nominated Senator Emma Mbura shocked a Mombasa court with his recent claims which the court heard.

Kalinga told the court on Monday that Sentaor Mbura was his former lover and that their love affair has tampered with his marriage. He said that his wife dumped him when she realized that he was not faithful.

Kalinga shocked the senator’s supporters who filled the court room with his unprecedented claim. He told court:

“The case before you is about love, your honour. I have been having a love affair with the senator. I have separated with my wife because of the senator”.

Kalinga Mgandi, a popular and controversial activist in Mombasa was taken into custody in Nairobi on Sunday at Makadara Estate in Nairobi and was transported to Mombasa on Monday morning under heavy security presence.

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He was arrested following his failure to honour several invitations by the police. This was after Senator Mbura had complained to police that he was circulating audio clips that alleged she was a husband snatcher.

Mbura of TNA and Kalinga’s fight began after Kalinga published an audio message on Facebook last week, asking of her moral behaviour and her sexual record. The video was allegedly shared to the senator’s cell phone

The two had reportedly traded abusive audio messages to each over the March 7 by-election in Malindi which were published on social media.

Kalinga in one of the audios, doubted Mbura’s conduct and her relationship with activist Okiya Omtatah among other issues

In response to this audio, the senator accuses Kalinga of working for the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) and compromising the privacy of Jubilee’s campaigns to the Opposition.

The senator then accused Kalinga of dumping his first wife and spreading lies about her (the senator). The senator also in the video, conceded that she moved out of her husband’s house but didn’t divorce him for being reportedly abusive.

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Kalinga didn’t just question the senator’s conduct, he also made several ugly claims against her, including seducing him and breaking his marriage.

He questioned the senator on how she earned nomination to the Senate and said it was unmerited. His audio reply got him in the chains of legal problems he is in right now.

The senator denied  that she ever seduced Kalinga. She declined this claim, describing him as skinny, unattractive and sick looking with doubtful health status.

After the arrest which prompted the shocking revelation, the senator in turn spoke up against the charge police had pressed against Kalinga saying the charges did not represent her complaint to the police.

There was intense disagreement between Kalinga’s and Mbura’s lawyer over getting the activist to plead to the charge of posting moral-threatening materials online. Mbaru’s lawyer Christine Kipsang’ insisted that the charges pressed against the accused did not comply with what her client had reported.

Mombasa Chief Magistrate Susan Shitubi adjourned the proceedings before Kalinga could plead. This was to let things cool off as the framing of the charge caused heated argument between Mbaru, her lawyer and even the police.

The lawyer said the adjournment would give them time to resolve the dispute. Kalinga’s first charge reads that on March 13 2016 at an unknown place in the country by means of telecommunication system, Kalinga uttered offensive and obscene claims about the senator. The matter resumed on Tuesday morning.

Mr Mgandi was subsequently charged with improper use of a licensed telecommunication gadget.