“Create Valid Projects Instead Of Attending Festivals.” – Ruth Odinga To Uhuru.

Kisumu Deputy Governor Ruth Odinga on Tuesday called on President Uhuru Kenyatta to come up with valid and meaningful national projects in Nyanza rather than attending burials and festivals.

Quoting Ruth Odinga

Uhuru is “preoccupied with harambees and funerals.”

Ruth further queried the President’s agenda in the Lakeside city, saying his countless trips don’t bring any major benefit to the Kenyans. She also described the president’s administration as one brimming with unfulfilled promises.

Ruth told media on the phone

Whenever the President visits regions outside Nyanza, he launches projects aimed at empowering the youth. Uhuru only presides over groundbreaking ceremonies of universities.

According to Ruth, the people of Kisumu and Nyanza as a whole will judge Jubilee according to the development projects the administration has brought to the region.

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She lashed out that crimes still prevail in the region, adding that lack of jobs is has become part of the things women and overall youths in the area have accustomed themselves with.

Many youth and women still lack jobs. Fundraisers alone cannot help much.

Furthering, Ruth urged the president to revive some thwarted companies which have not been progressing in order to create more jobs for the youth. She insists job creation is one of the key things Kenyans are yet to see in Uhuru’s administration.

She said initiating valid projects are the things a presidents are supposed to do for counties when he visits, and not traversing to different counties for all the funerals and festivals he gets invited to. 

In August last year, Uhuru honoured national music festivals winners at Kisumu State Lodge before moving back in November for a fundraiser to aid St Stephen’s ACK.

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