Crocodile Attacks Couple In A Hotel Swimming Pool – Watch The Chilling CCTV Footage

Enjoying a late night swim with your partner might soon be something of the past in Zimbabwe following the incident that occurred in a swimming pool.

Terrifying CCTV footage circulating online shows the moment a crocodile attacks an unsuspecting couple in a hotel pool.

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The couple looked to be enjoying a quiet time with themselves in the water when the creature crept out of nowhere and invited itself to the party.

The 6ft long crocodile launched into the pool and looked to have attacked the woman as the man swiftly jumped out of the pool to safety.

The woman fought back as she moved backwards to safety but not before the croc took another bite. The man made his way to the other side of the pool and helped fend the animal off as the woman made her way out of the pool.

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The couple looked to not have suffered major injuries as they appeared steady on their feet and walked away from one of the most deadliest animals with jaws that can snap human bones like twigs.

Crocodiles do not necessarily set out to hunt humans according to experts. They are described as opportunistic predators that regard anything that moves around it as fair game.

Africa accounts for the most crocodile attacks worldwide each year mainly because salt-water crocodiles and the Nile crocodile are the most dangerous ones.

The other species are wary of people and may only bite if they are disturbed or taken by surprise.

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The exact statistics are unknown but are incomparable to sharks which get more media coverage because most attacks are not reported or occur in impoverished countries.

Watch The Chilling Video Below