Curious Appetite For Alcohol Has One Student Dead And Another In Critical Condition

A curious appetite for alcohol has left one student dead and another in critical condition at a secondary school in Samburu county.

It was reported on Sunday that a group of eight students of Longewean Secondary School broke into the schools chemical laboratory to steal methanol for consumption.

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Methanol is the simplest form of alcohol and is closely related to ethanol which is found in wine and spirits but much more toxic.

The consumption of the chemical substance by the students left one girl dead and the other in critical condition at Samburu Referral Hospital. The other six were rushed to Suguta Health Centre where they were treated and later discharged.

Samburu Central Sub-County OCPD Abaggarro Guyo commented on the incident, saying that the group comprised of five boys and three girls. He said the two students drank the liquid dry in its purest form while the others diluted it with soda.

Appetite For Alcohol

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A doctor at Samburu County Referral Hospital confirmed that a 17-year-old girl who is a KCSE candidate was admitted to the hospital after she suffered severe abdominal pains.

Dr Rajab Saddam said medical staff were trying all they could to save the girl’s life, but that the victim had not been able to speak since her admission.

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He further explained the treatment to methanol poisoning.

He said that drinking pure vodka would untether the methanol. The strong alcoholic drink was urgently needed to help remove the methanol from her system in order to stop her eyes, liver and kidney from failing.

The police continue to investigate the incident.