Uhuru’s Re-Election: David Ndii Says ‘We Will All Pay The Painful Price’

The elections period has come and gone with Uhuru Kenyatta being elected President the second time but a popular columnist and fierce Jubilee critic David Ndii believe that the after effect of all the recent political wars will soon be felt by all Kenyans.

Ndii who is the Managing Director of Africa Economics and chief economic adviser to Raila Odinga of the NASA party related his feelings about the just concluded general election and the second rise of Uhuru Kenyatta.

He said though the elections are over and Kenyans have seemingly made their choice, the fight isn’t over yet because the opposition party would not rest until it sought electoral justice.

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According to him, the NASA which is a coalition party bringing together ODM, Ford Kenya, Wiper, ANC parties and headed by Raila Odinga, was ready to pay the ultimate price in the struggle for electoral justice.

The Uhuru regime had stolen the people’s democracy, oppressed the judiciary and orchestrated the kidnapping and killing of electoral officials in reference to the late Chris Msando, he said.

“Never again shall elections be rigged in Kenya.This madness shall stop.The time has come.

“From peace to pieces. Ballot to bullet. Poll to pain.We shall pay the price,” Ndii says in the statement.

This scathing attack on the ruling party, though not the first of its kind, came shortly after he was named by the opposition as a member of a seven-member team charged with steering the activities of the NASA sponsored People’s Assemblies and push for self-determination.

It also came a while after the dignified swearing-in of President Uhuru Kenyatta after which he gave what has been largely described as “a message of hope” for a better Kenya, less of corruption, political wars and deaths.

Uhuru’s sobering and reflective inauguration speech served to uplift the country by mapping out a way to heal the widening rifts caused by election politics and economic circumstances.

The President pledged to power with more reforms in the healthcare – targeting 100 percent coverage of the National Hospital Insurance Fund – and having 500,000 new homeowners in five years.

He also vowed to create opportunities for the millions of jobless youths and to strengthen the ties that bind Kenyans must top his agenda.

Meanwhile, David Ndii on his own part, believes that the opposition will not sit and watch as the gains made towards attaining of democracy as rolled back by Uhuru Kenyatta and his administration.

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His words seem to give a clue to what Kenyans are to expect in the next few days especially as NASA intensifies its effort to ensure electoral reforms leading to fresh elections are made.

“Think. Breath. Pause. Plenty of alarming news will be flying in the next 10 days. Do not succumb to fear or intimidation. Stay sober and vigil. When the time comes. Come out and play your part. Assembly up and swear the People’s President, ” he stated.