Deejay Kafi Returns With A Smashing Remix to Dela’s Adabu

Following the smashing hit song by Dela x H_art The Band – Adabu which dropped late last year and was well received by fans in and out of the country, Deejay Kafi has decided to add some extra spice in a remix dropped early this morning.

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Deejay Kafi’s remix gives Adabu a more up tempo vibe, making it a club banger as opposed to the original slow version.

Adabu – Dela X H_art The Band

Here is the official video to the original version of Adabu

Now here is the Adabu Remix by Deejay Kafi:

KAFI A Di Baddest Ting

Deejay Kafi well known for his drop ”a di baddest ting” came in hard with some well-needed spice on the Adabu Remix which comes after a long hiatus off doing remixes.

When asked where he had been, Kafi quickly responded saying: ”I have been cooking”, a term he regularly uses on his social media posts while in the studio.

Deejay Kafi took some time off to learn production and lets us know he got into it by getting his hands dirty. To Deejay Kafi, the whole production journey has been more of an exhilarating one, though it comes with its good and bad days, an experience he says he really enjoys.

More On Deejay Kafi

This is actually not the first remix by Kafi who has his previous works to thank for giving him the timeless experience in the genre. Deejay Kafi says he still has a number of remixes coming up as part of his E.P which will feature some new artists as well as some extremely talented upcoming names.

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At the moment he’s working with a talented producer by the name ilogos music and they seem to be enjoying the symphony.

For more info on Deejay Kafi:

You can look him up on his Soundcloud and Mixcloud pages or follow @amkafii on his social media accounts.