Marry You

Tanzanian Bongo artist Diamond Platnumz has got everyone on social media talking after the release of his new video titled Marry You ft Ne-Yo.

The Tanzanian artist is back on the spotlight this year. Normally we have seen various features of African artists coming together with top artists and bands on an international platform, but ”Marry You” is just in a class of its own.

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The Video – Marry You

There is nothing not to like about this new video even though I have never really been a big fan of Diamond Platnumz. He has definitely moved up my personal chart as one of the best artists out of East Africa.

Normally, when African artists team up with the big names internationally, we get to see these guys takeover the show, but in this case; Diamond owned everything about this video. From the models used, the visual time dedicated to each artist, the plate number

From the models used, the visual time dedicated to each artist, the plate number on the rides and even the Hollywood sign switched to Bongo Land! Everything just shows Diamond was the man and he’s always proud to fly his country’s flag high.

Comments From Fans Regarding The Video – Marry You

Fans around the world had a lot to say regarding the new video, here are some comments from the Youtube page where the video was officially posted:

“I have no idea of what Diamond is saying in his local language. All I know is that, he is the best in Africa. #TeamDiamond💪💪” by: King James

“Loving a chance given to a black girl on the video, #blackisbeautiful” by: Marybella Criola Guigui

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“If Diamond has million number of fans, I’m one of them (y) If Diamond has 10 fans , I’m one of them (y) If Diamond has no fans, that means I’m no on the earth (y) If world against Diamond, I’m against the world (y) I love Diamond till my last breath (y) Hit like if U are a real fan of Chibu Dangote (y) (y) (y) I love you so much Diamond <3 <3 <3 loveeeeee youu” From Senegal – by: Khoulé Atta

What do you think of the video? Was this spot on, or is it just over hyped? Feel free to share your comments with us.