Dirt Alert! Reasons Why Nairobi Women Have Decided Not To Shower Anymore

Obviously, Kenya with its uncomfortably tropical heat that exudes nothing short of hot weather has its fair share of filthy women. And more surprisingly, it does not only refer to farmers and women in dry parts of the country but also ladies in well-ironed skirt suits who are soaked in costly perfumes. Perhaps the perfume is to mask the unpleasant, off-putting, and displeasing odor.

Anyway, just two weeks ago, a survey done by Flint + Flint disclosed that four out of five women don’t shower daily and shockingly, one in three has gone as long as three days without washing or wiping her face or body at all or even nearing their shower rooms.

The survey involving 2,021 women aged between 18 and 50 also laid bare that nearly two-thirds of women can’t be bothered to clean off their make-up before they sleep, and one in eight admit to not brushing their teeth before they go to bed. So when they sleep they roll around in their own dirt and never feel refreshed against their bed? How comfortable!

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Speaking of washing in the morning, only 21 per cent of females take the time to shower or have a bath daily.

However, writing in the Independent, Katy Guest noted that, “Lo and behold, then it sounds like just another way to persuade women to buy crap by making us feel rubbish about ourselves and to waste more of our time on ‘skincare regimes’ instead of having jobs or lives or hanging out with our mates.” Maybe it is the cold and wet English weather that is to blame.

This provoked controversies among women as many other women declined the results of the survey,  and resorted to saying that it is only a mean way of making them feel ill about themselves and maybe hike the use of certain products.

Although, there is no equivalent survey that has been done locally, a few questions revealed something very similar, which implies some women are really afraid of waking up in the morning and marching to bathroom. Also, only a few women take their bath in the morning before they leave the house.

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Women were asked questions randomly and some of their answers were quite shocking. A woman was asked why she prefers not to shower regularly and she answered saying;

I don’t have time to wallow in my bathroom every morning and evening because I have just few times to spend on myself. Maybe I would shower more when I have more time to myself, she said.

Another woman said  that ordinarily she only showers twice in two weeks which is equal to once a week. She went further to reveal that she finds it very hard to bend over to bath and only showers more frequently when she gets dirty or dry from being on public transport or when her skin turns dry or scaly or when she wants to go to work. This is because every woman can not afford to live in flashy houses where shower is provided for.

“Maybe I will bath more often when I can afford such houses, she added. I know it is gross right, disclosing my ill habit but that just who I have become. I feel I don’t smell any different from someone who matches to her shower every now and then”

Another woman revealed she does not get sweaty from her job and so she does not see it fit to bath twice a day. She added,

“I can only bear the tiring nature of morning bath, but when I get back from work, the only options embracing me are my dinner and my bed waiting for my night hug.

“I don’t often wear make-up, so there’s none to remove, and I don’t exercise, so it’s not as if I’m working up a sweat. When I have ten minutes to spare, the lure of sitting on the sofa with a slice of cake outweighs the desire to get clean.”

So are these reasons enough for women to choose not to shower?

Gladys Nkirote mentioned that she was having showers only three times in a week and the days are on Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays for living in Kinangop. Because it was too cold and dry firewood was not easily available she opts not to bathe as often as is socially acceptable. She then admitted to bathing more frequently now but in her defense said she never oozed out any offensive odor during her previous habit.

She said, because they have to boil it out of a sufuria as all women could not afford expensive houses with hot showers they opt to skip showers when they feel they are running late.

Triza Chitalwa, an NGO worker, discloses that she is guilty as charged and she does not feel so good about it. She further said that, it is inexcusable for a woman not to have a very brief bath a day to say the least.

“I would love to shower up to six times a day, but my job is too demanding to allow for that. I leave the house at 6am and sometimes get back home at midnight. I can only afford that morning shower, which at times I skip, unless of course I’m on my periods and I have to shower,” she  added.

Triza, claims that she always takes quick passport baths with wet wipes and also uses a very strong and expensive  perfume.

While another woman called Loise Wangare, a trader at Ngong’ marketa recalled how a friend and a colleague had told her that because she had no man in her life, she sees no reason for the huge fuss about showering at least once a day. Even though she has constant water, she stinks, and would reluctantly tell her that there is no need to waste time bathing and putting perfume as there is no man in her life. Loise and her other colleagues arranged an intervention and walked her into one of the public toilets to shower in private.

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A guy was asking how to approach his girlfriend whom he found out emits a foul odor much like an animal farmer who hardly indulges in any kind of body cleansing. He was advised to get her toiletries and other materials for skin care regimes, that alone would help her know without being told. When he did all he could and it didn’t come out well, he had to open up to the lady. She confessed that she only gains pleasure in bathing once in four days as she feels steady shower doesn’t make her skin appear any fresher.

Based on the excuses and explanations of these women, do you think its okay for a woman not to bathe at least once in a day? Well I think it is crazy, disgusting and just plain inexcusable. How and where a lady showers is up to her, but don’t forget that you will not be the one to perceive the foul odor that will come from you body if you don’t. It is your husband, or your boyfriend, or your colleague at work or the boss that leans over your shoulder to correct your mistakes or the innocent guy that sits next to you on the bus. So ladies if you don’t want to shower for you, then please do it to spare your loved ones the misery of being close to you