Video: Meet Amou Haji, The World’s Dirtiest Man Who Hasn’t Bathed In 60 Years

A man named Amou Haji who lives in a southern Iran village has been named the world’s dirtiest man after he revealed that he has not bathed in 60 years because he believes cleanliness will give him a disease.

Amou Haji is tagged the dirtiest verified man living on earth as the previous record holder for not washing was a 66­-year­-old Indian man Kailash Singh, who claimed he stayed for more than 38 years without bathing.

Primitively, Haji, feels revulsive towards water. In fact coming in contact with it gives him headache. He even finds the suggestion of a bath intolerable. And all these years of skipping bath time has taken their undesirable aftermath.

In the past, Haji could be described as a fair, good-looking young boy. Fast forward to the present, the Iranian man has nearly the color of earth. He has managed to entirely blend with his surroundings. As a point of fact, it’s easy to mistake Haji for a rock statue if he sits without moving.

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Haji’s headache isn’t just about the issue of bathing. Haji also loves gobbling on decayed meat of dead porcupines. He gets really irked when someone recommends he should guzzle clean food or drink clean water.

His annoyance for clean food and clean drinking water is clear-cut. Obviously health conscious, he drinks 5 liters of water a day for health reasons, but only from a big rusty oil can.

More unusually, Haji smokes animal feces rather than tobacco from his smoking pipe said to be his most valuable possession. He burns hairs off over an open flame and never use clippers. During winter Haji wears an old war helmet to keep his head warm.

Haji apparently does not care about the world. He has nothing to lose, nothing to be afraid of.

Haji is reportedly not mentally deranged or sick, but it is alleged that some emotional issues which Haji seems to have had in his salad days prompted his recent lifestyle.

He lives in alone in Dejgah village, in the Southern Iranian province of Fars where he rotates between living in a grave-­like hole in the ground to keep him close to the reality of life” and a brick shack.

Even so, he does look more comfortable than some people who live in large homes with comforts and conveniences.

Watch Haji In His Home Below