This Disabled Couple Has Redefined Love And The World Is Loving It

People on social media are going wild while some are left in tears after the captivating pictures of this disabled couple from Turkey went viral online.

Mesut suffers glass bone disease while Ayça has scoliosis and growth retardation disease. But they didn’t allow family or disability come between their sincere feelings.  They now have a two-year-old son ( a cute one at that) and happily wedded.

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Mesut Ozeker and his wife Ayca got to know each other online five years ago. They immediately fell in love and became each other’s steady companion. In fact, it was love at first chat as they talked like they have known from somewhere. As time passed by their love grew and now it all seems like their love tale is going to be a long one.

There were attempts to restrain their affection as their families opposed their being together particularly Ayça’s family.

disabled couple

Proving they were truly into each other, they did something a little far to stop the active resistance from both their homes; running off together to get married. The lovebirds later made peace with their families after having a son.

disabled couple

As recently as this year, they duo captured the attention of a  photographer, Esra Özcan who thought it would be nice showcasing their exceptional love story.

The photographer after hearing how they fell in love on the internet, inquired from them if they would love to have a wedding photo shoot. They both conceded.

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As they did, the pictures came out amazing as they appear to be in seventh heaven around each other that one would wonder why their marriage was initially opposed.

And even after all these years, their love remains stronger than ever.

The couple’s story tends to raise hopes of those already giving up on love.

The two are indeed a beautiful example of not allowing anything get in the way of love.  Due to their story which has been buzzing online lately, Ayça has more than 250,000 followers on Instagram- making her an internet queen.