Doctors inadvertently left some surgical instrument in a patient’s body after performing a surgery on her.

The form three girl at Gagra Secondary school in Siaya county identified as Catherine Atieno lost her baby after a C-section operation.

Also, she had some material forgotten inside of her after the surgery.

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It all started as the girl was healing from the loss of her baby  and then noticed something utterly wrong with her stomach.

Her stomach seemed puffed out and she was experiencing severe abdominal pains around the operated area.


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The surgery was carried out in Bondo Sub County Hospital some time in December, 2016.

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Atieno was rushed back to Bama Hospital in Siaya town where doctors found cotton wool and other impurities in her womb.

Doctors at the private facility managed to remove the foreign materials from her womb but that wasn’t all; Atieno was detained at the hospital until she clears a Sh100,000 medical bill.

The patient was discharged on December 9 after a successful surgery to remove the material but we are still holding her at the facility due to unpaid medical bill,” the Standard quotes Dr John Magesa, Bama Hospital Director.

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Her father, Akello Odundo is concerned about the extra bill which he claims was intentional, he is also worried about his daughter’s education.

The parents of the 19-year-old girl are seeking justice after the deadly mistake during the surgery.

“I just want to take my daughter home because schools are about to open. I cannot afford to clear the bill for now and I am appealing to well-wishers to help us,” stated Odundo.

Meanwhile, investigations have been launched to establish whether doctors who first operated on Atieno performed professional negligence.