Traditional Healers: Trouble Looms For Quack Doctors In Kenya

The kind of all-inclusive promise we see daily in the adverts by traditional healers – such as “Is your husband no longer in love with you? Come and I shall give you the cure to make him love you again, forever” – might get you wondering why there are still much problems in the world.

As long as there are sports games to be won, accidents to avert, clash victims to be healed, diseases to be cured, businesses to grow, the services can’t just be exhausted.

People look at the adverts from a distance with an ear to ear smile as the poster of traditional healers always claim that they cure just about everything. From family issues, and love issues to health-issues. Often times, they are seen as sellers with no buyers. But no, they are making it big.

The fact that the herbalists can afford constant expensive newspaper advertising shows the business is booming. Their diverse solution claims always embedded in posters have even gotten qualified doctors a little jealous of their herbalist counterparts. This is because they have not being restricted, even as they claim to treat anything.

But with a change in the law that is due to come into effect – which allows qualified medical professionals to advertise their services – herbalists now have some problems to tackle.

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The decision by the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board, regulating body of the practice of medicine and dentistry, to allow advertising by doctors, is perceived as a counterattack.

And the rebound is not just to reduce the popularity of herbalists, but to take “customers” away from the quacks who were able to aggressively market their products and services, while doctors, restricted by their code of ethics, stayed off.

While herbalists are close to face competition on street walls as well as the pages of our newspapers, there are some posters of herbalists that caught our interest.

Here They Are Below:

Kenyan-Traditional-herbalists 1


Kenyan-Traditional-herbalist 2


Kenyan-Traditional-herbalist 3