Woman Offers 400k To Have Ex-Husband Killed

Police have arrested two men who were reportedly awarded a cash bounty to have another man killed in what is perceived to have been a result of domestic violence. 

According to reports, the ex wife of a man identified as Muraya Mwangi allegedly paid KSh 400,000 to some thugs to have him slaughtered.

Police said they are still piecing information together to determine what actually happened but had arrested the would-be killers.

The woman’s ex-husband Muraya Mwangi, an employee of Kenya Airports Authority, would have been assassinated had police not responded promptly.

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The two suspected killers were bundled off by the authority in Buruburu after the man reported his suspicion that his ex-wife had paid some hired assassins to remove him from the face of the earth.

During the arrest, police seized Muraya’s ex wife who probably went through serious domestic violence while still married to her husband, along with the two men as well as the woman’s sister who had the KSh 400,000 and six mobile phones believed to have been used in planning the killing.

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According to police reports, the named cash is apparently part of the entire amount to be paid once Muraya was killed and police said they will detain the suspects until they are done with investigations.

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Authorities also said the suspects will all be arraigned in court to face charges relating to murder. The motive of the plot to murder Muraya has not been discovered at the time of filing this report, but it is believed to have something to do with domestic violence between the couple, when they were still married.