Donald Trump Has African Roots – Check This Out

The political roots of the American presidential candidate Donald Trump may well be traced to 1957 when Kwame Nkrumah on Ghana’s Independence Day warned many capitals with his pearl of wisdom that Ghana’s freedom will not be termed complete unless the whole Africa is stripped of the shackles and chains completely. Donald Trump has African roots. Read on.

In 1963 Prime Minister Milton Obote of Uganda publicly challenged former American President, John F. Kennedy to quit sensitizing newly independent African countries about “democracy’’ except black people in America are given the right to vote or elect leaders, including those from among their own communities.

Nkrumah had invited Reverend Martin Luther King to grace the Ghana’s independence celebration. In response to the opinion of Milton Obote, Kennedy and his deputy Lyndon Banes Johnson paved way for diplomatic relations to exist between his country and Africa.

This was in a bid to make black people in America receive fair treatment as normal Americans – though it didn’t include South America and the Caribbean. On that account, the American government provided troops to give protection to black students enrolling to colleges in the states of Alabama and Mississippi.

In what can be defined as an exceptional step, the American government also passed a bill – Civil Rights Act – that bestows black people the right to vote and elect their leaders in America. The Civil Rights Act gained from the long experiences which Johnson gathered as a Senate leader and a senior politician from Texas – a key state in the racist South.

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Upon becoming the American President, Lyndon Banes Johnson pursued deeply his aim of creating “A Great Society’’ where there will be no poverty amongst whites and blacks across America  – especially his native South.

His policy scared most of the whites. The British-Trinidadian novelist, V.S. Naipaul, would affirm in his travelogue titled A Turn in the South, that neo-feudal leaders in the states of Alabama, Georgia, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, South Carolina, Missouri and Texas voluntarily kept some whites illiterate and impoverished as a strategy to remain loyal voters.

These people were dubbed “Red Necks’’ remained loyal to political leaders who ensure that African-Americans never rise. President Johnson’s vision termed “The Great Society” made the leaders and other whites shiver. As a result, many of the Red heads and political leaders defected to Republican Party and did not vote Johnson’s Democratic Party.

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The party then rolled out the grasping racism expressed in famous regional disgust and fear of progress which Johnson’s “Great Society’’ vision provided.

Congressmen like Huey Long and Wilbur Mills continously amended Johnson’s federal legislation that was supposed to offer social benefits and income for businesses, to everybody, to exclude African-American communities as beneficiaries, including widows, single mothers, the elderly and school children.

The racist engine in Republican Party was ignited even more when Barack Obama was elected into the White House. Since 2012 States of Alabama, Florida and Texas passed a law that will not allow as many as 600,000 African-Americans – in the State of Texas alone – the right to register as voters.

The law that specifically affected poor blacks demands for American passports as voter identity cards from blacks who can not afford to tour outside the country.

Those who cannot afford to pay for transport to registration centres are not allowed to register through phone calls or Internet. The incidents of white policemen shooting black young men; raping and beating to death black women arrested and held in police stations, were visibly supposed to bring old memories of lynching blacks back – planned to mobilize racist prejudices and notions of keeping white communities safe.

Also, the drawing of constituency boundaries to make sure that racist laws remain effective, it was ensured that Republican Party won majority of positions in federal and local legislatures even though their unbending opposition to public welfare bills sent to Congress by President Obama.

Donald’s Trump Has African Roots Politically Speaking:

Into this picture of despair comes Donald Trump as the “outsider’’ who had no bad record of betraying the white middle class and the “Red Necks’’ in the Republican Party. The Republican candidate has modernized the old racism of the Republican Party of the Southern states and this time he has spread the hatred to Mexicans, Muslims, Africans and women who abort pregnancies.

He told his supporters that Africa needs to be “recolonisation’’ again as the continent learnt nothing from their former masters. He also asks for the deportation of Africans, especially Nigerians and Kenyans, since Africans are not competent enough for leadership.

His comment is gladly taking revenge for the alarm which Nkrumah, Balewa and Obote aroused among America’s white racists in the 1960s. The American billionaire business mogul while commenting on the issue of white crimes against blacks currently causing some furrow in the U.S, said;

“If you think we kill you too much? Go somewhere where you’re gonna just kill more of each other.”

He later explained that he meant:

“If black lives don’t matter here go back to Africa.”

In an attempt to explain himself further, Trump marched straight into the extreme, saying:

“It’s impossible for me to be racist. I employ 100’s of Blacks and Mexicans as maids in my Trump Tower hotels.”

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