Trump Apologizes To Uhuru, Begs To Join First Lady’s Next Marathon

The US presidential hopeful Donald Trump has apologised to president’s Uhuru’s wife for all the blackening comment which he has said against Africa and Kenya in the course of his campaign, pledging to join the marathon if a new one will be done this year.

He added that if his requested is granted by the first lady of Kenya, he would make beyond zero initiative the new symbol for his presidential campaign.

He referred to a report that says the richest man in Africa, Aliko Dangote, made an enormous presentation to Kenya’s First Lady Margaret Kenyatta’s initiative, promising that he would do more than the richest man in the continent if he receives words of acceptance.

The U.S Republican front-runner Donald J. Trump revealed further that he is choosing the First Lady’s NGO to prove to the world that he loves and respects women even though his recent comment further elevated the opinion that he undermines women.

Obviously, this move will get him international approval, as well as pull allies to his cause.

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He also lauded president Uhuru for his key accomplishments made known recently, telling him to ignore opposition party who criticize without offering alternative solutions and continue with his good works.

According to him, the opposition known as CORD has always accused Jubilee of accomplishing nothing since 2013 it took office, but has only offered nothing as an alternative.

Speaking at a town-hall-style forum, the politician said:

“I want to make peace with Africa especially Kenya. I will work with the government and even with the First lady in her echo-making initiative to curb maternal deaths. If she can reschedule the already held marathon, I promise to join and to run ahead of others. Yes, I will beat their president and other leaders to display my determined support to the foundation.”

He added:

“Let me personally commend the President of Kenya for rebuilding his nation. So far we have seen good changes. I read the reports that the country’s opposition whistled loudly while the head of state issued his address. It was amusing to me, but then I said to myself, when I create a relationship with this country, I will make words fail those opposition leaders.”


Are you still reading?

Well, if you believe this report, then you probably have forgotten that today is April Fool’s Day.

Meanwhile, this is from all of us at BuzzKenya, wishing you a happy April Fool’s Day!!!

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