Trump's Star on Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Republican candidate Donald J Trump’s star on Hollywood walk of fame has been destroyed.

Police say the incident occurred early on Wednesday morning by a man posing to be a city construction worker.

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He used a sledgehammer and a pick ax on the embedded terrazzo and brass star to remove the billionaire reality TV host’s name from the popular tourist attraction spot.

Usually one of the most crowded areas – Dolby Theatre across from where Jimmy Kimmel hosts his show – during the day, there were very few people and no police presence when the vandal struck at the break of dawn.

Deadline Hollywood is reporting that a man named Jamie Otis is taking credit for the destruction of the star.

Otis said he originally intended to completely remove Trump’s star and auction it off in New York to raise funds for the women accusing Trump of sexual assault.

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The complete removal of the star was not a success but the disguised construction worker was, however, able to smash it into pieces.

The Los Angeles Police Department say they are investigating the incident.

This is not the first time Donald Trump’s star on Hollywood walk of fame has been vandalized. In January, a reverse swastika was sprayed on the star while in June, a mute sign was painted on it.

The following month, a popular street artist built a tiny wall topped with barbed wires around Trump star to mock his plan of building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico if elected.

Trump's Star on Hollywood Walk Of Fame

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The star has also been a popular spot for urination by angry citizens who do not agree with the GOP candidate’s policies. The local chamber of commerce considered moving the star due to the frequent urinating.