DP Ruto questions Raila once again

Deputy President William Ruto has claimed that Raila Odinga and his allies are only attempting to push for political change through a means that is not in line with the country’s constitution.

His statement made reference to NASA’s launch of the National Resistance Movement, whose main objective is to mount pressure on the government until a “legitimate” presidency is established.

NASA has chosen, different strategies to achieve the aim. Among the strategies which the coalition intends to employ in clamouring for the change include, civil disobedience and the boycott of products and services from companies linked to the government and its associates.

The coalition believes firmly the strategies are constitutionally sanctioned means to advance its agenda. However, Ruto thinks otherwise. The Deputy President thinks Raila Odinga is neither here nor there when it comes to general issues that he won’t reap some benefits.

According to the DP’s tweet on Friday “Those who campaigned against the old Constitution have started campaigning against the new one again. So, is the law the problem or are they?”

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Prior to the 2010 referendum, Ruto was in the ‘No’ camp that opposed the current Constitution.

NASA leader Raila Odinga was leading the Yes’ camp that carried the day with 67 percent of the vote.

But now, it appears the opposition chief has kick-started a mission to violate certain principles of the supreme law that he so vehemently vouched for seven years ago.

This became clearly visible after the bungled August 8 polls when Raila began to make some demands that are not expressly provided for in the Constitution.

These include calls for the dismissal of IEBC commissioners and the postponement of the repeat election beyond the constitutionally stipulated time frame of 60 days.

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Raila Odinga has received criticisms from all corners of political circles including the leading President Uhuru and DP Ruto as well as the entire Jubilee brigade. Ruto said Raila is rooting for constitutional change using ‘clandestine and illegal’ means. He tweeted: “If you cannot respect the Constitution that exists, then don’t waste your time making a new one. It will suffer the same fate.”

Remember that the Election Laws (Amendment) Act 2017 bill has become law despite President Uhuru Kenyatta not
assenting to it.

It was gazetted on Thursday, November 2, three weeks after the Senate approved the amendments passed by the National
Assembly since Kenyan Constitution dictates that if the President fails to assent to a Bill after 14 days or revert it to Parliament with recommended suggestions, it becomes law.

The new law strips Supreme Court of the power to annul an election of the President based on minor inconsistencies.

Jubilee legislators who overwhelmingly backed the amendments said the Bill is meant to seal legal loopholes that led to the nullification
of President Kenyatta’s August 8 victory.

However, Nasa legislators have said they will challenge it in court once it is passed.