DP Ruto Calls Lawyers Thieves With Pen And Paper

Deputy President William Ruto has urged the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) and lawyers to partner with the Government to root out graft in the country. 

Ruto said the war against corruption is the responsibility of everybody in the country including professionals.

He added that professionals need to participate more since the corruption cases were being perpetuated by professionals like lawyers, engineers, auditors, and accountants among others.

He said:

“We have robbers using guns to steal from Kenyans while we have professionals using pen and paper to steal from Kenyans in equal measure. Such activities are not done by people who are fools, but professionals.”

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Speaking to LSK at Diani, in Kwale County on Thursday, the Deputy President alleged that the government has played its role in the war against corruption and that it is left for professionals in different fields to do theirs.

Ruto also said that the constitutions for procurement, seen as the largest source of graft, have been made more strict to make sure that accounting officers face the consequences if funds are mismanaged.

“The Government has strengthened rules on procurement to ensure accounting officers will be held responsible for mismanagement in any department,” said Ruto.

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“We are making procurement transparent to ensure tenders are awarded in accordance to rules and regulations,” added Ruto.

He added that the era of rewarding people with tenders has passed:

“Days when leaders called accounting officers to reward them with tenders without following the due process of law are long gone.The matter rests with the accounting officers who will take individual responsibility in misuse of resources,” said Ruto. “We have deployed 95 additional prosecutors to DPP to enhance its work.”

He added that the private sector has coined bribery law to discourage companies which engage in corrupt deals. The law provides that such companies will be marked down in doing businesses with the Government.

LSK chairman Isaac Okero said LSK will continue to work and support the Government in the fight against corruption. He told lawyers to take the war very seriously in order to save the country the bad name it has gathered due to high rate of corruption.