Driver, Woman Found Stuck After Sex In Matatu

A man and a woman, who allegedly had an overnight sex marathon were on Tuesday found ‘stuck’ together in a matatu in Magembe village in Tharaka South.

The man, a matatu driver, was found on the back seat of the vehicle at around 6am, sweating profusely while scrabbling to untangle himself from his partner. The woman’s husband, who was among the eyewitnesses at the scene, demanded for a wade of cash to be paid to him before he agreed to separate the two, claiming to have ‘locked’ his wife, so that any kind of penetration by another man would have the exact effect of locking the partners together.

The driver pleaded to be ‘set free,’ promising to pay sh10, 000, if ‘unlocked’ from the woman. The husband reportedly mumbled some incomprehensible words and just afterwards, the two love-cheats got separated, reports say. Afterwards, the cheating couple were taken to Chiakariga Police Post.

A resident, Ms Mary Muthoni, who witnessed the incident to NairobiNews said the driver and the cheating wife were found naked with somewhat swollen private parts. Ms Muthoni added that:

“The woman was ‘locked’ by her husband through some witchcraft and he was the only person who could separate them”

Another resident, Mr Julius Mutegi, also labelled the incident the second in a row of a spouse failing to go undiscovered after committing adultery. He said that in the first incident the couple died because the husband was away working in faraway Mombasa, and before he could be airlifted home to separate them, they had died.


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A 76-year-old woman, Ann Ciambura, said cases like this were not uncommon, and took place in the recent past with such ridiculous regularity as witchcraft was commonly used then to curb adultery in the community. Sometime last year, a man (pictured above) from Kitale, northern rift valley of Kenya, made the same mistake of going to sleep with a married woman and paid dearly for it, as can be seen.

However, this is not peculiar to just Kenyans, as the same case has been recorded across Africa and even beyond. Last year a Johannesburg man, who had been warned against going after another man’s wife, went ahead to have sex with a woman, and paid with his life, after he got stuck in his lover’s punani. And a crowd of about 2,000 people gathered at Dena Court in Yeoville, Joburg. The police had to be called. People were allegedly pepper sprayed and dispersed.

While many people believe that magun is the cause of this epic embarrassment, scientists have a name for this situation: penis captivus. Penis captivus is when the vaginal muscles spasm and clamp down on the penis during intercourse, temporarily ‘locking’ the penis in the vagina.

Do You Think Magun Or Penis Captivus Might Have Been The Cause Of This Incident?