Rig 2017 General Elections

National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale has made claims of an impending plot to rig 2017 general elections by the opposition.

The lawmaker on Sunday accused Raila Odinga of meddling with the operations of the electoral commission.

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Accompanied by other Jubilee Party lawmakers, Duale said that Raila Odinga was sensing defeat in the upcoming elections for making rigging allegations against the ruling party.

“Even before IEBC starts preparations for the elections, Odinga has started talking about rigging of elections,” Duale said.

He went on to mockingly ask the former Prime Minister if he wanted to work with the commission.

”We are asking him to tell us if he wants to run IEBC or run for elections.”

Duale also alleged that the opposition was working with foreign powers, specifically one Michael Yard, an American-Canadian. He claimed they are planning to rig the 2017 general elections with the use of advanced technology.

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Speaking at a press conference at the Jubilee headquarters in Pangani, the Garissa Township legislator said:

”We are aware that this same Michael Yard is the chief of International Foundation System. He was in the country during the 2013 elections and he has come again. He is not a staff of the IEBC and we are asking what is his role?

”We have written to the IEBC that we do not want to see this Yard anywhere near its premises or even in any business they conduct.”

The opposition is insisting on the use of technology to conduct the elections, which Jubilee do not agree with. They want the manual bio-metric voter recognition.

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”We are not giving IEBC a blanket cheque. We are only saying that the manual system should be used only if the deployed technology fails. If it works in the 47 counties, no problem,” said Duale.