E-commerce giant Amazon is set to change conventional shopping following its launch of an ‘express’ grocery store.

The online shopping giant which has conquered all aspects of retail on the web has come up with a computerized way of customers buying anything from as little as a pack of gum to a six pack on the go.

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Amazon Go, Amazon’s new megastore in Seattle, is offering shoppers the chance to grab an item off the shelf and go.

It uses sensors to detect what items shoppers have taken off the shelves and then sends a bill to their Amazon accounts if they are not replaced.

”The checkout lines are always the most inefficient parts of the store experience,” said Neil Saunders, managing director of retail research firm Conlumino.

”Not only would you save a lot on labor costs, you actually would make the process much quicker for consumers and much more satisfying.”

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Apart from groceries such as bread and milk, the store would also be offering ready-to-eat meals made fresh by on-site chefs and bakeries.

To the average mind, this may be the most radical e-commerce idea Amazon has had. The idea of possible theft of goods or contested sales of items between consumer and company will give it a hard time to fully function in Africa.

The ‘grab and go’ store could, however, change the conventional shopping pattern in first world countries just as it made consumers start shopping online many years ago.

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Amazon Go is sadly not yet available to the public for now but only for employees of the company.

According to the Wall Street Journal, if tests are successful, Amazon says it plans to open more than 2,000 grocery stores.

The company is also said to be considering other formats, including one that would let drivers pick up goods like a drive through.