EACC Detectives

EACC detectives on Friday arrested, detained and questioned two individuals from the Milimani Law Courts in Nairobi for taking a bribe.

The two individuals; a secretary and clerk attached to High Court and Judicial Review Judge Roselyne Aburili are alleged to have collected the bribe from an unknown person.

EACC detectives revealed that they are yet to establish the particular case the bribe was looking to influence its outcome.

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They are also still to identify whether the bribe was to be handed over to the judge which the secretary and clerk are attached to.

Judge Roselyne Aburili is, however, said to be cooperating with EACC detectives over the alleged bribery.

The High Court judge has been in the news in recent weeks. She last week suspended the implementation of the new election laws requiring candidates to open campaign fund accounts and name campaign teams following an ODM application.

EACC spokesman Yasin Amaro said the bribery allegations was reported to the commission by Kennedy Bidali, the Judiciary Ombudsman.

”I can confirm that two people, including a court clerk and a secretary, were on Friday arrested and some money recovered from them. The investigation is still fresh and there is a need to unravel the truth. The money had not reached its destination and we are carrying out further investigation to establish whom it was meant for. We want to know why the two were taking the bribe and who it was for,” Amaro said.

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Chief Justice David Maraga confirmed on Sunday he was aware of the EACC’s case, which he gave a go ahead to, to investigate the matter.

”I confirm I know of the allegation and confirm that arrests were made. I received the allegations on Friday late afternoon and instructed the EACC to take action because the Judiciary does not have its own investigating arm. I believe the arrests made by the EACC were pursuant to my request,” the CJ said.

Justice Maraga, however, said the information available is still vague but is expecting another briefing on Monday.