East Africa Bribery Index

According to the East Africa Bribery Index, the National Police Service is the most corrupt institution in Kenya.

The report released on Thursday still retained the police at the top of the list but listed the Lands Ministry, the Judiciary, and the Department of Civil Registration as the other most corrupt institutions.

Tax Services and Huduma Centres were listed as the least affected institutions by bribery.

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East Africa Bribery Index said:

“Bribes paid at the police service accounted for a third of all bribes reported while, cumulatively, educational institutions and the Judiciary accounted for another third.”

The index gave a 68.8 percent rating for the level at which the police collect bribes from people. It, however, reported a decline in the share of bribes paid to police since its last study.

Figures increased across the board compared to the 2014 survey except for the police service which recorded a 28 percent decline.

The Lands Ministry was given a rating of 55.1 percent, the Judiciary got 48 percent while the civil registration department was rated at 45 percent.

The largest amount given as a bribe at the Judiciary was KSh 14,083, followed by KSh 12,360 at Tax Services and KSh 8,956 paid at the Lands ministry.

Meanwhile, bribes paid at Tax Services and Huduma centres accounted for two percent and 0.6 percent respectively.

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Among the respondents interviewed by the East Africa Bribery Index, 47 percent believe corruption will increase in the next 12 months, compared to 51 percent who held a similar view in 2014.

They cited a lack of punishments for those who give and take bribes and lack of commitment by the government to fight it.

40 percent felt corruption cases are still rampant while 30 percent felt no action is being taken against the corrupt.

“These findings further reinforce citizens’ belief that the government is not doing enough to fight corruption,” the report said.