East Africa Weigh Up Placing Ban On Used clothes

The leaders of East African Community (EAC) yesterday in Arusha, Tanzania, deliberated on a string of issues in which one of them is to place a possible ban on importing used clothes.

In the deliberation, leaders were supposed to consider the advancement of textile and leather industries in the East Africa during the evaluation. This, they said, would encourage more people to depend more on locally made textiles and leathers.

East Africa is said to be boasting second-hand clothes worth millions of dollars which are shipped into the region to different parts of Africa annually.

And more threatening to the region’s economy is that most Africans prefers these clothes to the home-made ones produced in their various countries. Probably because they get seemingly quality clothes at affordable prices.

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After a long cogitation, the leaders avoided holding talks on the ban which would have stopped business entities from importing already worn clothes in East Africa, turning the ban to something that may not be placed anytime soon in the zone.

The East African Community trade bloc earlier announced that the possible ban would be ruminated on at yesterday’s meeting between Burundian, Kenyan, Rwandan, Tanzanian, and Ugandan leaders.

However, at the meeting, the leaders swerved away from a full ban and rather suggested a different mandate. They called on East African governments to ensure that the imports fall in with sanitary standards and requirements.

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The leaders also, during the meeting, laid stress on advancing the local textile industry across the region in order to promote more local patronage on home-made goods.

So as it stands now, used or second-hand clothes are still allowed in all the countries in East Africa.

While this will surely impress those who love and wear these types of clothes, those in different clothing business have some problem in their hands since the market is still open to all.

However, in the midst of the happiness or sadness, we want to know your thoughts about this attempt to ban the business. Also, send us your experience with used clothes.