Egypt Hits Back At Kenyan Diplomat

Following the claim by a Kenyan diplomat that an Egyptian leader insulted African representatives, the country’s Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri recently clapped back at Kenya.

The minister said a “sharply worded” memo will be sent to the Council of African Ambassadors in Kenya in protest against the accusations.

Chair of the African Diplomat Committee (ADC) Yvonne Khamati had said via a memo that Egypt used an unpleasant comment.

Ms Kimathi said the diplomat, whom she did not name, called Africans ‘dogs and slaves’ towards the end of the United Nations Environment Assembly in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, last week.

But information provided indicated that such language was not used, the statement by Egypt foreign minister said.

The statement in part reads:

“It is unacceptable to fall into the trap of generalization and direct flimsy accusations against the state of Egypt, its people and its African identity as well as its ability to assume its responsibilities in championing African interests.”

Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri also ordered an investigation into the allegation. According to him:

“The directives have been issued to undertake full investigations into the matter. The findings will be conveyed to your executives at the right time.”

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Furthering, Egypt defined the allegations as unfounded and typically senseless. It reads:

“The country on this occasion questions the competency of the technical committee as a subsidiary body of the African group in Nairobi to make such sweeping accusations and determinations.  The claim clearly exceeds its competence and responsibilities.”

 Kenyan diplomat

ADC also, in reference to the alleged statement, described Egypt as undiplomatic, irresponsible, uncivilized and insulting behavior. Alleging that the statement was made after a disagreement at the meeting, she demanded for the country to be prohibited from representing the continent in any official capacity following the allegations.

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The statement continues:

“The Arab Republic of Egypt takes this opportunity to express its total rejection and disappointment with the language used by the Chair of the technical committee’s memorandum,”

The note, addressed to Khamati through its Embassy added that all aspects of this issue must be addressed in its proper context as an individual issue.

The Arab Republic of Egypt in the note reaffirms its unbending respect and its commitment to its African identity.

It also said the regard it has for Africa is part and parcel of its people’s association in creed, history, geography, and culture which is not subject to question.