Egyptian Officials Call Hijacker An Idiot And Not A Terrorist

Egyptian officials have reportedly described the hijacker as an idiot after officials revealed that the hijacker’s motives may be personal given that his ex-wife is said to be in Cyprus. 

According to a journalist named Ruth Michaelson, Egyptian officials made the statement below after it was reported that the hijacker is not likely not a terrorist;

Egypt’s foreign ministry spokesperson has however denied making such statement to the Guardian, which earlier quoted officials as calling the hijacker “an idiot, not a terrorist”.

But the jornalist insisted that when she said officials, she didn’t mention the spokesperson for foreign ministry

Nobody knows the hijacker’s real motives. Though several witnesses said the hijacker threw a letter written in Arabic onto the airport tarmac, requesting for it to get to his ex-wife.

Cyprus President Nicos Anastasiades also saw the funny side of the hostage situation that lasted for hours during an earlier joint press conference.

According to the president “It’s not something which is to do with terrorism, you know what I mean,” he revealed to reporters, before starting  to chuckle.

He adds “always there is a woman involved,” with more laughter as he walks out of the room.

Reports said earlier that the hijacker had asked to see his estranged wife, who lives in Cyprus. It was also alleged that the hijacker intends to seek asylum in Cyprus.

Aviation expert David Learmont blames the pilot for following the instruction of the hijacker over mere threat. He noted that he believes that the pilot should not have followed the hijacker’s instructions as it was not based on facts.

He explained that the captain who accepted, just on being told that somebody on board had a suicide vest should have had enough confidence in the security services to know that was not possible and therefore he should not have followed the instructions of the hijacker.”

This however pulls Egypt’s airport security to the fore given that this incident comes a month after Metrojet clash will killed all 224 passengers.

Egyptian flight had landed in Cyprus after it was hijacked and diverted this morning, leading to a hostage situation at Larnaca airport on the island’s south coast.

Egypt’s civil aviation authority explained that the EgyptAir MS181 flight took off from the Mediterranean coastal city of Alexandria and was heading to the country’s capital city Cairo with 81 passengers on board when it was seized.

This was after the hijacker told the pilot that he had a suicide vest on.

The pilot was not seen with any harmful material after the siege and even after thorough search inside the plane, it was confirmed that his claim to have had suicide vest on was fake.

Though the real motivation is yet to be unveiled, officials reveal that the hijacker is mentally unstable or disturbed, factoring that he got confused at one point with the way he was changing his mind.

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The airline said all the passengers on board were freed and left without any harm.

One person was seen escaping from the plane via the cockpit window during the siege. The person clambered on to a structure before jumping to the ground and jogging away from the plane towards safety.

There was huge security presence at the airport during the hostage with a police sniper watching keenly at Larnaca airport, while Cypriot security forces drive past the hijacked EgyptAir Airbus A-320 parked on the tarmac.

The Cypriot foreign affairs ministry says the crisis has ended with the arrest of the alleged hijacker