El Adde Attack: Locals Sold Out KDF Soldiers

A paper has reported that Kenyan soldiers, who thought they would be offered a gentle refuge in the local community after their camp was attacked by Al Shabaab, were rather betrayed.

Based on the report, when Al Shabaab militants attacked the military base in Somalia, several Kenyan soldiers fled the El Adde attack and went hiding in a village five kilometres away.

A village chief assisted them, but the help did not take too long before taking a wrong turn. Thus, the soldiers were apparently exposed to danger by the residents who treacherously gave out the information about their whereabouts to the Al Shabaab when the sickening militants went looking for them.

It emerged three soldiers who had escaped the massacre and hidden in a village elder’s house were hunted down by Al Shabaab and lynched, together with the host, after being allegedly betrayed by the villagers,

The Standard published on Monday, January 25.

The community in Gedo region, the Marehan clan, are ill at ease with the KDF operations in the area. This is because the locals feel the Kenyan soldiers are showing the Ogaden preference over other rival clans.

Though there are still no reliable evidence indicating who might have helped Al Shabaab in masterminding the horrific attack, many have suggested that locals, and a mole in Somali National Army (SNA) aided the militants in planning and executing the January 15, El Adde attack.

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However, Somali National Army commander in the Gedo region has disputed the suggestions pointing fingers at the local army.

Gurey had confessed to Voice of America that the locals had informed them that heavily armed Al Shabaab terrorists were seen in the area days before the attack.

The actual number of soldiers killed or injured in the El Adde attack that scores Kenyan soldiers (between 80 and 250 soldiers) is yet to be announced by government, but report says the repulsive attackers said they killed up to 100 people.

Al Shabaab according to Reuters  issued a statement saying that they had killed over 100 soldiers and captured some during the El Adde attack.

According to the Al Shabaab statement:

Mujahideen fighters… stormed the Kenyan base in the early hours of Friday morning, killing more than 100 Kenyan invaders, seizing their weapons and military vehicles and even capturing Kenyan soldiers alive,

Chief of Defence Forces Samson Mwathethe revealed that a special team had been sent to establish what actually happened and more details could only emerge after it completes its mission.

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Meanwhile before the raid, the camp was a shelter to about 3600 Kenyan soldiers in Somalia serving under the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), which was created in 2007, alongside troops from Uganda, Burundi, Djibouti and Ethiopia.