Eldoret Man Draws Crowd For Doing These Weird Body Poses

You think you’ve seen enough weird body poses? Wait until you meet this middle-aged Eldoret man who entertained Eldoret town passers-by when he began folding his body in the strangest of positions.

Normally, complex or intricate yoga poses require specific preparation and the teachers have the responsibility to both analyze the bio-mechanics of movement in any difficult posture and try to foresee potential risks that it has for the body. Then they prepare their students for that particular pose while they do their best to reduce the risk.

But this naturally talented man, did not find it necessary to go through the protocols, beating many trained yogis.

Image source: SDE

Eldoret man

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The man alleged to be a construction worker decided to make use of his hard-to-find talent after missing out on a day’s job at a construction site.

He had planned to earn some money after the construction work but upon missing it he had to do what was necessary to raise a few cash for the day. People loved his weird body poses and dropped some cash for the entertainment.

His target was to earn a few coins for the day but the sight turned out to be massive after groups of people streamed out around to watch his move and stunts. In the end, he earned much more than he would have if he had gotten the day’s job with the construction company.

Eldoret man

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Eldoret man twists body in weird positions for a living3

He is one of many Kenyans who make a living through hard work in fields where intense muscle work is needed, like dancing, acrobatics, and so on.