Elgeyo Marakwet

Elgeyo Marakwet Governor Alex Tolgos has threatened to sack workers from the county’s revenue office over declining collections.

The county boss, who was in the past voted the sixth best governor in Kenya, said that corruption was rife in the revenue department. He went on to warn business men in the county to stop evading taxes.

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“Very soon you will see your brothers and sisters employed as revenue officers coming home. We better fire them and use the little revenue we get to implement development projects,” he said this during his Jamhuri day speech on Tuesday.

Tolgos noted his administration cannot sustain a high number of officers under these circumstances.

“Revenue officers will lose their jobs… It has been difficult to meet revenue targets because we lose a lot money through rampant corruption in the revenue department,” he said.

From 2013, the county has collected an average of KSh140 million against a target of KSh200 million. The county hired 140 more collectors in 2015 but the figures did not improve.

Governor Tolgos identified the matatu industry as the top culprits with the drivers’ use of non-designated bus stations.

“Matatu operators should know we use the revenue they avoid to pay to repair the routes they ply. We want them to pay taxes,” he said.

He asked traffic police officers to arrest touts and drivers who use non-designated pick-up and drop-off points.

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This is not the first time the Elgeyo Marakwet Governor has threatened to fire government officials.

In August, he said he will carry out fresh recruitment of all senior staff, including executives for being inefficient at their various positions.

He said he will advertise all positions and those interested are welcome to apply, including the current staff.