South Korean President

Embattled South Korean President Geun-hye has come under increased fire after a report revealed that she purchased erectile dysfunction pills in Kenya.

The South Korean leader on her Africa tour visited Kenya for three days in May with a delegation of 200 people which included government officials and businessmen.

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She aimed to boost trade and strengthen ties with Kenya signing MoU’s on security, health, agriculture, ICT, trade and culture.

During her time in the east-African nation, she purchased 360 Viagra pills which her office confirmed.

The President’s office, however, said the erectile dysfunction pills were not bought for its main purpose but to treat potential altitude sickness for aides and employees.

South Korean President

Doctors in South Korea usually prescribe viagra-like drugs to climbers reaching high altitudes because they believe it’s effective in preventing altitude sickness.

East African cities are about one to two kilometres above sea level so foreigners usually find a hard time functioning or get altitude sick.

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Presidential Blue House spokesman Jung Youn-kuk added that none of the viagra pills bought were used during the trip.

The South Korean president is facing a possible impeachment being pushed by opposition party members and some members of her own party. They allege that Park allowed a confidante of hers manipulate government affairs while amassing a great fortune in the process.

South Korean prosecutors said on Sunday that they believe Park was an accomplice in the scandal which critics say undermine the country’s democracy.

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Park, whose tenure ends in February 2018, has refused to resign but twice apologized for the scandal, acknowledging her carelessness.

Demonstrations against the South Korean president have been ongoing for four straight weekends with hundreds of thousands of people taking to the streets of Seoul on Saturday.