Embu Elders

Embu elders have recommended that anyone found guilty of rape and/or defiling minors should be castrated.

This comes as there has been an increased number of cases of the barbaric acts in recent times in the county with other elders being accused of the acts.

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The section of the Embu elders, led by Andrew Nyaga, Joseph Munyi and Jackson Mukuuwa, rebuked those elders in various parts of the county engaging in such crude behavior.

They called for them to choose to be role models as they are expected to be instead of bringing untold shame.

“As elders, we feel insulted when we hear that one of us took a child and made her his wife. And then when they’re taken to court, they’re given advocates and released on bond and they go back to their homes. Why should such a person go back home after engaging in such an act that is evil even before God?,” asked Jackson Mukuuwa.

The elders want Parliament to review laws and make castration the capital punishment as they believe it would bring an end to the numerous cases of rape and minor defilement in the region.

“It is painful that it is elders like us who engage in such acts. We want such guilty parties to be castrated so they may not engage in such acts in Embu again,” pleaded Joseph Munyi.

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The elders also want the accused rapists and defilers to be denied rights to representation by advocates and denied bail/bonds when presented before a court.

“Elders are found engaging in such acts and taken to court where they bribe advocates and go scot-free. To these kinds of lawyers, how would you feel if that were your child?” asked Andrew Nyaga.