Plane With 282 On Board Crash-Lands At Dubai Airport

An Emirates plane from India crash-landed and burst into flames on Wednesday at Dubai International Airport. Amazingly, hundreds of passengers and crew fled the burning fuselage and were evacuated to safety, authorities said.

The flight en route from southern India burst into flames after sliding as it landed at Dubai International Airport Wednesday.

Dramatic footage from Emirates plane crash shows long black smoke swelling and rippling from the ruined Boeing 777 moments after it came to a standstill.

Another video captures Emirates plane crash, showing the moment the plane scrapes along the runway before coming to a halt in a cloud of smoke.

More miraculously is the fact that there were no fatalities among the 282 passengers and 18 crew members on board, Emirates said. The vast number of the passengers on board were Indian nationals, it added.

They escaped through emergency exits as the cabin filled with smoke and were able to sprint to safety minutes before the plane exploded into flames.

Photographs of the incident posted on social media showed a plane lying crumpled on its belly on the tarmac with black smoke pouring from its upper section.

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After emergency response teams managed to extinguish the fire it became crystal clear how deadly the accident could have been: the entire top half of the aircraft’s fuselage was missing, with the belly of the plane slumped on the tarmac.

Due to the incident, all departure flights from Dubai international, most bustling airport in the world for international travel, were delayed until further notice, authorities said.

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A spokesperson for operator Dubai Airports said all passengers and crew aboard flight EK521 coming from Thiruvananthapuram had been safely evacuated and emergency services were managing the situation.

Plane maker Boeing said in a statement it was monitoring the situation in Dubai and it would be working with Emirates to gather more information.

The  cause of the accident is not yet clear. Since 1985 when Emirates began operations. the airline has never had a fatal accident with any of its aircraft.