Equity Bank Robbers

It has been revealed that the Equity Bank robbers made away with at least Ksh 26 million from the Kayole branch robbery on Saturday night.

The money was said to have been kept there after the weekend collection which the robbers gained access to by drilling a hole into the wall behind the building.

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Police say the Equity Bank robbers have not yet been arrested but crucial leads into the incident are being followed.

”After reconciliation of the figures the bank says the thieves escaped with at least Sh26 million,” said an officer choosing anonymity.

Nairobi County Police Commander Japheth Koome has said that several bank employees, two security guards, and one other person are being investigated over the robbery.

The police believe that the robbers spent more than five hours drilling into the bank and used inside information to disable the CCTV and alarm system because there was no power outage in the area to enable the robbers move undetected.

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They then broke into the control room and later burned open two safes to escape with the cash.

Police revealed that they recovered gas cylinders along with mallets, grinders, and chisels which the robbers used to work.

The Equity Bank robbers were given a head start to running away because it took about nine more hours before the police was notified of anything.

The Kayole branch manager, Mr. Crispo Maina, said they learned of the robbery around 3pm on Sunday after the head office’s ICT department contacted him about the ATM signal being down.

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He then dispatched another employee, Mr. Simon Kamau, to check on it who then reported that the PIN pad at the entrance of the bank was tampered with.

”We are hopeful that we will be able to arrest the robbers because the leads we have are crucial,” said Mr Koome.