Escaped Lion Returns To Nairobi National Park Unharmed – KWS

An escaped lion which drifted off  the Nairobi National Park on Monday night has returned unscathed. The Kenya Wildlife Service stated on Wednesday that the lion that had been spotted in Karen returned to the park on Tuesday at 10pm after it was spotted close to the park.

Paul Gathitu, KWS head of corporate communications stated:

“It came back to the park near Multimedia University College and a report was made at 10 o’clock.”

Gathitu added that a search team was sent but by the time they reached the university, another report was made that the lion was near Rongai.

According to him:

“There is a portion top of the hill towards Rongai that had been hit by a vehicle, which is not fenced. That is where foot prints were seen.”

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Many thought the lion would have ended up like Mohawk who was gunned down last month. But in a redeemable manner, it didn’t end up being murdered. This comes as a relief to many Nairobi residents and conservationists who had expressed concern the lion would have been killed.

A video hit internet last month which shows Kenya Wildlife Service rangers shoot down a lion in Isinya as it strayed away from the park. The killing of the Nairobi park’s mohawk caused an uproar.

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It began hours after the lion wandered off, and was seen on the Nairobi–Namanga road early in the morning, and KWS sent two teams from Isinya and Nairobi.

The teams arrived without any tranquilizer. The lion, out of fear if not anger due to the massive crowd that rounded it, clawed on a man who was on a motorcycle while running to hide. Following this, some rangers surrounded it and gunned it down.