Ethiopian Comedy: A New Stress Buster Rising The Charts

The world has become quite a hectic place to live in. Everyday rush, everyday tension and everyday stress is affecting mortality rates higher than it ever did before in history. Researches have continuously showed that stress in the modern lifestyle has led to increase in heart attacks, depression, and mental instability among a host of other problems. This has led the world to look at stress relieving techniques in a whole new way and extensive research has been put in place to understand how much it is affecting normal people in the world.

Ethiopian Comedy: An Art presented By Ethiopian Comedians

Relevance of Ethiopian Comedy and Humour

There are many types of stress that affect the human being, and there are many ways through which you can beat it. Some people go for ancient art forms like Yoga, some go on a shopping spree, and some go for some kind of eating spree while some others look at different forms of entertainment to release the stress building up inside them. One of the stress relieving techniques that have grown leaps and bounds is comedy and humour. Every book, every newspaper, every television show and every major film release has a provision in which an attempt has been made to make the audience smile and feel better among them. They have been so popular that even serious entertainment mediums are now keeping provisions to have a little bit of humour incorporated in them to keep in tab with the present times.

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Scope of Ethiopian Comedy and Humour in the Present World

Humour is the one factor, which is enjoyed by all, regardless of age, caste, and gender, whatever. It’s one factor which may bind us all and generate positive and happy surroundings. Even the foremost tough situations are often handled with ease, if we have a tendency to be armoured with a comical mind and disposition. Every one of us carries our own burden of life’s pluses and minuses. Humor allows us to all be equal in sharing a comical disposition, and lighten this burden to live a pleasant and happy life. The scope of humour is especially widespread where common methods of media propagation of ideas and thoughts have been seriously restricted by the local government. As a satire, it spreads messages far and wide without inviting any sanctions that will stop it from coming out further. This has helped it develop in such a way that a large number of forms have come into being both in written and verbal humour.

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Ethiopian Comedy – An Overview

One of the countries where humour or comedy has progressed by leaps and bounds is Ethiopia. An African country, it has been one of places where humour has taken forms that can influence the world. Ethiopian Comedy has not been taken up by the world in general and the audience in particular. The rich band of humour and its uniqueness due to the lack of influence from the outside world has allowed Ethiopian Comedy to flourish in a way that no other national comedy has developed. Ethiopian Comedy is characterised by direct talks and clean humour with a substantial amount of satire thrown in. Its comedy can’t be characterised as brash but as an intelligent brand of comedy that has to be appreciated and which is something the whole world needs now.

Alebachew Teka : The standout performer for Ethiopian Comedy

One of the foremost Ethiopian comedians to come on television screens is Alebachew Teka, who presented his own version of the American Tonight Show’ which was called as The Alebeh Show. It was carried by the Ethiopian state-run television network and was widely popular among the masses. The ability of the show to run a satirical theme in midst of an oppressive regime was a relief for the general public of the country. The sensibility of Ethiopian Comedy can be gauged by the fact that he was also part of the documentary HIV/AIDS Awareness of the series Seeds of Hope: HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia where he himself treated a lot of children who had been orphaned since their parents had HIV/AIDS. He died in 2005 while on his way from Addis Ababa to Jimma, a city some 124 miles west of the capital.

Ethiopian comedy is something that can be checked out, with lots of shows on the internet. For intellectual comedy, it is the way to go. Check it out on Youtube for a start.