EU Mission Orders Uganda To Release Detailed Election Results

A European Union mission has on Thursday called on Uganda to make public detailed results of its last week presidential election, which declared President Yoweri Museveni the winner to proof its credibility.  

The EU’s Election Observation Mission said this after Kizza Besigye’s right hand man revealed that Besigye Kizza, the major challenger, had been seized by the police for the sixth time within a week.

In a the statement released in Thursday, the EU mission through Eduard Kukan, the chief observer said:

encourages the Electoral Commission to publish without delay the detailed results from each polling station” so that voters and the candidates can “comprehensively evaluate the election results.” The electoral process is completed only when all candidates have rightfully exercised the relevant legal avenues without fear, intimidation or other undue restrictions.

All contenders have the right to contest the result of election within 10 days of publishing it. But Besigye spokesman has noted that his party is yet to take a decision on whether it will officially disagree with election’s outcome as their representative’s regular detentions have been detracting activities.

The arrest of our candidate … has eaten some of the time we have to lodge a petition.

A second party official said that police had arrested 21 party officials since Tuesday in various parts of the country.

police spokesman, Patrick Onyango, said:

Police prevented Besigye from travelling to vote in local council elections because they suspected he wanted to “link up with his supporters to engage in illegal protests.”

The other party officials were arrested because they were organizing people to travel to Kampala and “cause violence in the city.”

Critics say Museveni wants to lead Uganda forever, even though many praise him for restoring the country’s economy.

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He has ruled the country for 30-years starting since 1986, He won the Feb. 18 elections with about 60 percent of the votes while his chief contender gathered about 35 percent.

Meanwhile lawyers for Uganda’s opposition leader Kizza Besigye says they are trying to file a case today in respect to his continued house arrest.

Besigye has been blocked from leaving his house since Wednesday, when the local elections were held across Uganda. He was also bundled home by the police while at his party’s headquarters last Friday.

Police have surrounded his house since then, and they have kept arresting him every time he tried to leave. Also, Human rights groups reveal they have been blocked from meeting with him.

The opposition’s lawyers are also thinking of contesting the election’s result and  whether to go to court over last week’s presidential election results or not.